Holyhead Weightlifting Club is currently being transformed into a world-class facility to enable athletes to train in a high-standard environment.

The new Holyhead and Anglesey Weightlifting and Fitness Centre will cater for the Weightlifters of the north as well as athletes from all over the world who will flock to train at the state of the art facility.

The current gym will be extended to include 12 lifting platforms, and, include a full fitness suite available for use by everyone from professional athletes to the general public.

Congratulations to Gareth Evans for being selected for the British Weightlifting Association’s Athlete of the Month. 

Gaz managed to get two new PBs.

Snatch 117kgs

Clean and Jerk 145kgs 

One step closer to London 2012! Keep up the good work!

Welsh Weightlifting is currently being brought into the 21st Century by it’s new team and hopes to keep you updated with all the news and developments within the world of Welsh Weightlifting.